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Christophe Paucod profil

Christophe Paucod is born at Vénissieux in January 21, 1973
The son of a father from Lyon and mother from Normandy, Christophe spent the first years of his childhood in Lyon, Bugeaud Street in the 6th district. 

Then it was in Normandy in Rouen he finished his studies.

At the age of 15, he began in Rouen his apprenticeship and first culinary experience in the famous restaurant “GILL”, 2 Michelin stars, under the supervision of Chef Gilles Tournadre.
After 2 years and earning his diploma “C.A.P. de cuisine”, Gilles Tournadre proposed him to join the brigade Gerard Sallé, the Chef at the Hotel Deauville in Normandy.
After a year, Gerard announced that he would leave Deauville to manage a large Parisian Palace, the Plaza Athénée. Of course, Christophe would be part of the adventure as soon as a position would be available.

During this period, Christophe went at Le Touquet for the opening of the hotel Picardy, then a few months later to Paris. Christophe joined the brigade of Restaurant La Tour d’Argent with the Chef Manuel Martinez (MOF 1986).
May 1992, the teacher, Chef Salle finally invited his students to join the team at the grand palace in Paris. During 4 years he acquired know-how at all positions.

It was also during this period that he performs his military service as Chef for the French Ministry of Culture (10mois).
In February 1996, he decided to leave his position. First he went to the Bristol hotel ” with The Chef Emile Tabourdiau (MOF 1976), then the restaurant “Prunier” with the Chef Gabriel Biscay (MOF 1982), and finally decided to accept to be The Chef of Toutoune “Restaurant” in the 5th in Paris.

April 1998, Christophe fall for Japan, and he left the French capital for the Land of the Rising Sun. Despite his young age (25 years), he joined the famous school of Cordon Bleu as cooking teacher.

In April 2000, contacted by the Accor group, he opened the Sofitel Tokyo as chef, and then became director of food and beverage and then executive Chef for the Accor Group Japan. Christophe made the reputation of the Sofitel Tokyo as Chef for the restaurant “Provence”.

At 33 years, Christophe has one thing in mind, “being at home.” Being from Lyon, he could only give justice to his hometown and creates the first “Bouchon Lyonnais” in Japan, in the authentic and historic district of Kagurazaka, in September 2007.
He also wins over the year’s several cooking competitions and participates in two majors promotional events in New York.
He remains active in associations and culinary schools.
Today he will be pleased to welcome you to Lugdunum “Restaurant” in a warm and genuine “Bouchon Lyonnais”.

Table reservation

L'intérieur du restaurant avec en décoration les différents cadres. Les tables sont également dressées et on y voir le grand buffet avec quelques objects de décoration ainsi que les différents alcools et digestifs français tels que La Chartreuse.