Enjoy Year End with Homemade French Osechi !!

1st box

Orange-flavored duck terrine
Homemade cochonnaille & pickles
Duck foie gras panna cotta, truffled lentils
Awabi from Hokkaido & quinoa salad
Homemade tarama, marinated salmon & salmon roe
Mushrooms blanc manger, scallops

2nd box

Slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine
Fram chicken ballottine with truffle, mushed potato, mushrooms & chestnuts
Blue lobster, burdocks & Sturia Caviar

3rd box

Cervelle des Canuts(fresh seasoning cheese)
Traditional rum-flavored baba cake
Delice of chocolate, hazelnuts & chestnuts
Vanilla-flavored panna cotta with strawberries
Assorted macarons

Christophe Paucod and his team in Japan have been offering OSECHI since 2005 and this year is no exception.

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais has prepared a wonderful cuisine to celebrate New Year – new French style OSECHI.

This includes an appetizer, main with seafood, meat and dessert with three layers of boxes. We would like all our customers with families and friends to enjoy coming New Year with our special OSECHI.


 1. We would hand in at our restaurant between 17 and 19 o’clock on December 30.


2. We would send it by Takkyubin on December 31.

Price 50,000¥ (54,000¥ tax included price).

We kindly request a payment to the defined bank account. Please do not hesitate to make a reservation by phone 03-6426-1201 or email.

We look forward to your reservation.